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The main points to emphasize about Eros & Isis, Loving inspiration inc. are:

1) That the toys are SOFT…not hard as they appear.They were designed as “toys in disguise, but that has a -lost in translation effect- on the internet.

They are 100% Platinum Silicone with no moving parts and the ridges act as “natural” stimulation as to encourage healthy sexual response for the long-term. Electric vibrations can make women more dependent on the vibe.

The Toys are tinted with Gold and Silver Natural mineral pigments embedded within the silicone itself.

2) Our products are designed and produced entirely in Canada.  We are an ecological company because we produce only per-demand and each piece is fully recycle-able (except the bullet vibe which we include for those who prefer vibration)

We are working on a break-down program here, but in the meantime ( has the facilities.

3) Our unique tubular display packaging doubles as a keeper case.

4) We are growing internationally. With stores in Amsterdam, US (NewYork) and Australia…And that’s only since October, When we announced our arrival !

Our main social networks are:

Our twitter account “erosandisis


and the Corporate blog