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It’s hunting season !

Spring is here, It’s time to hit the pavement.

But where in the world do we go from here? This Spring it’s all about Marketing, Advertising and putting on the bells and whistles.

So this morning consisted of meeting with Larisa, our new Sales executive, which meant sitting around the BS table and chatting about our near future plans for conquering the world. ie: Sitting in the sun, drinking chai tea and eating chocolate croissants, mulling over lists of names and contacts we have compiled over the year. -it was rough…the chocolate was gooey.mmmm…chocolate…

Anyway, we did do some work and we actually made quite a list for warm, hot and cold calling this week. The rest of the day was planning where to spend the last of my dwindling investment cash. Have to pick and choose the battles this year. The question is, do I spend my cash on international advertising right away? or spend nothing and sell locally this season…Or both.

We already have product out in New-York, Rode Island and now Amsterdam…so really I could tick off international for now…for…now…

Sales from retailers start in April, have to be ready for that, and …I believe I am… But there is so much more I want to do. But-Must keep the reigns on the designer side of me because she is expensive.

We do need to focus on becoming more visible. OUT of the safe little closet, and into the world, dancing infront of the stores…so here we go.

Anyone out there who would love to see Eros&Isis in some shops in their area should send us a link, an address and/or a name of a shop they think might fit our style.

We have a good idea of who to approach from this end of the country, and a little bit of smart-lady run places in the US…but what of else-where…What are your thoughts?

We are romancing shops that are higher end than the xxx shops in the dark corners of easy-street and we would love to come play with some progressive lingerie stores.

Larisa and I are headin’ out to make the connections.

Puttin’ on our walking shoes, trench coats and brief cases and knockin’ on doors.


-Sorry couldn’t help it.