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My BS Office…Love coming to work!

This is where I get to spend most of my time these days.

Sitting at my Over-the top BS design desk while my three puppies lounge in the sunlight.

I have some new pieces coming around the corner and it is taking everything I have right now not to post all the pictures of their development….But I can’t compromise the copy right. I want to share SOOOO badly….all in due time iesza…all in due time…

So while I avoid sending photos of them I will show you my silly desk, light reasearch reading for the day and my lovely companions as I whittle away on some new prototypes.

I found my desk on Craigslist. I love it so much! It reminds me not to take things to seriously, but bask in all the glory of life at the same time. It has the Initials “BS” scrolled sexily into the top which reminds me that really it is all just that. Isn’t it hilarious! 

Ok. Back to creation.