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The AVN and national trade show debate

Today I am feeling guilty for not pushing our little company into the fray of the AVN or the other super huge sex toy extravaganza trade shows. I have invested so much into the beginnings of Eros&Isis and it’s hard to know where to spend the rest of the cash.

Which is a sure-fire way to approach the market?

I’m told the trade-shows are the way to go, but I’m getting cold feet on that one.

The more I get out there, the scared-er I get of humans in general.

The first year I took the company out of it’s little closet to test the market, was to a Public Event, the Naughty-but nice show in Vancouver BC. I was sharing a booth with some good friends and corporate allies, The Lace Embrace Atelier. The atmosphere in our booth was fun and playful. Women trying on corsets, posing in the mirror, laughing with friends.

The atmosphere of the show itself though, was that of a fratt party-gone cookoo. People running around with blow-up dolls, endless free RedBull keeping the party hoppin’ to the cacophony of seventeen big-box speakers, mixed in with random announcements of the best fake orgasm contest. It was Like every teen drunk movie you’ve seen on steroids all wrapped up into one 3-D smellovision experience…Except most everyone in the place was over 30.

It would have been a great place to party and get really-fall down drunk, but being a little shy gall like myself, It was crazy and surreal like Alice who fell in the rabbit hole. Mad Hatters with painted faces and neon painted nipples, O.D.-ing on hormones.

I was there with my little table of fineries in gold and silver, dressed in my kitten healed shoes and little feathered hat (and a corset-of course). But it was hard to get attention under the Yellow hand written sign from my immediate neighbor that read “Does your pussy have a mustache???” -I’m not sure what she was selling.

All-in all it was an eye opening -leg crossing- experience.

Kazia, our GM and I took the company to the ILM trade show in Las Vegas last year and it was …o…k.. I guess. It was the industry trade show designed for wholesalers to come and sample wares for distribution. -A bit more sobber than the NBN in Van. A good place to make connections and make relationships, which we did. But, We were bored silly most of the time because there weren’t that many attendees being that it was September, which is late in the buying season.

We were well received and made lots of good friends, even Hilda Brownlee from We-vibe watched our booth for us so we could tour the other booths. But It was tough to get noticed there too being that our booth neighbor was -seriously- Dr. Frankenstien in his doctor’s coat selling cheep “bood-jobs”, Bruisy photos and all. That and we were in the far corner of the second room, pretty-much alone with the good ol’ Doctor. It’s amazing that we made sales at all, but we did…not enough to cover the trip, but enough to call ourselves “launched”.

We were told by the management (Who were lovely and attentive BTW) that it’s the April show we should be attending…and here we are, it’s March and I haven’t made a move.

-But then there is the AVN and many other trade shows in LA and New York, Vegas. which to choose, and how can one (as newbe as us) do it all?

Some of these shows get really huge. It’s no wonder the ones doing every show sparkle and shine, spin and rotate and have scantily dressed busty chicks offering demos. They have to to compete in the choas of it all…But what are we humans thinking???

Here’s what I mean, this is a small sample of what REALLY scares me and who we are very -NOT- :

-All the power to them, but yikes! …I think I’ll stay home this year.