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Sexy EASTER with Martha

So I woke up this morning and sat down at the throne (girls never admit to that by the way) and picked up my new copy of Martha Stewarts Living Mag. Full of bunnies and eggs for the spring season of over-readyness for house guests and parties of people you can impress with your copy of super-cleverness and it struck me that all I was seeing in the ads were things I could use as design ideas for more toys. 

I have a problem. Artists are crazy. To think that I could derive inspiration for sex toys from one of the leading lady’s of prude-extrordinair! -How curious!

I am simply amazed with my own uncontrolled obsession to create right now. I am finding it quite amusing to be looking at simple eggs and salt shakers on her perfectly manicured table tops full of cute and cuddly yellow chicks and fluffy bunnies and be thinking of where that little tumbler could be better put to use.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my fiance has been out of the country for five months. That’s right,  Five MONTHS! -Yes, My fiance. He asked me to marry him and then left the country for a film job.! I told him, “Ye know, I hadn’t realized that engagement meant being single this long.” The things mom never told me.

So maybe that’s where this is all coming from…

My innate need to find myself a suitable fiance substitute that doesn’t involve heading straight out to the nightclubs for a classic “mistake”.

Instead I find sexual solace in the pages of a Martha Stewart magazine…How Fascinating!

Oh well, at least it’s the spring issue. And what better way to bring in the season of fertility and what has been historically been a pagan time of hedonism, then with a good ol’ sex toy design inspiration. - Just wait till you see what’s coming down the line girls !

I guess the best part is, that you all get to reap the benefits of my crazy sexual frustration. Yippy! - but for now, I’m gona go see what *rosetta* is up to.

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