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Friends of Eros & Isis, Loving inspiration inc.

Oh the things we love. Come see our new Pinterest page. Follow us. We are LOVING PINTEREST ! So much fun to share the inspiration for what we do !

Eros & Isis, Loving Inspiration 2014 opening web page

Eros & Isis, Loving Inspiration 2014 opening web page

Eros & isis, 2014 Rococo Revival

Well Here we are again. A few years later, many adventures in small business ownership and lots of regular life in between… As a Designer and CEO of the entire corporation I must say it has been an amazing learning experience.

We participated in several trade shows to test the market and got some invaluable feedback about our possible products and services.

Vegas brought on a ferocious drive in my Designer self to get this pony on there road. To be in the midst of great designers and manufacturers such as Je Joue and We-vibe, Distributor moguls such as Entrenue and Legends Like PK….I was truly humbled by the amount of work and devotion that goes into bringing each pleasure product to see the light of day.

We even had a wonderful romance with some major investors that -seemed- promising…..Offering the company almost 300K to get up and going. Sounded WONDERFUL ! We negotiated for almost an entire year and six months……But in the end it would have ruined the company for what it truly wants to be. My fantastic team of lawyers tried to negotiate the contracts to keep the company safe from alteration, but in the end, they would not allow me to sign.

So many things to consider when starting a designer corporation. It is not just finances to consider. sometimes be wary of the shiny penny….as much as I would have LOVED the 300K to start and allow ALL of my design concepts to hit the floor at once, I would have lost the company entirely the way the fine-print read.

It was a really hard couple of years waiting to see if the dream were true…but in the end, this Cinderella is happy to be back in real shoes.

Eros and Isis, Loving inspiration inc and our products are on their way. The company and concept has been my baby for almost 7 years now, and I have yet to truly get the wings off the ground. But here we are ! ready to truly fly.

2014 has brought us to focus and streamline our efforts to bring everyone a truly unique and wonderful experience as we grow.

The new website will be live within the week and our products will be hitting the virtual shelves right away. Stay with us as we bring our wares to the table.

We love all of our supporters and fans. Thank you for being with us every step of the way, cheering us on as we inch our way to the light. This is the year. Here we go!

Stay tuned for the re-launch of Eros and Isis, Loving inspiration inc




The main points to emphasize about Eros & Isis, Loving inspiration inc. are:

1) That the toys are SOFT…not hard as they appear.They were designed as “toys in disguise, but that has a -lost in translation effect- on the internet.

They are 100% Platinum Silicone with no moving parts and the ridges act as “natural” stimulation as to encourage healthy sexual response for the long-term. Electric vibrations can make women more dependent on the vibe.

The Toys are tinted with Gold and Silver Natural mineral pigments embedded within the silicone itself.

2) Our products are designed and produced entirely in Canada.  We are an ecological company because we produce only per-demand and each piece is fully recycle-able (except the bullet vibe which we include for those who prefer vibration)

We are working on a break-down program here, but in the meantime ( has the facilities.

3) Our unique tubular display packaging doubles as a keeper case.

4) We are growing internationally. With stores in Amsterdam, US (NewYork) and Australia…And that’s only since October, When we announced our arrival !

Our main social networks are:

Our twitter account “erosandisis


and the Corporate blog 



Eros & Isis Exclusive Amphora display massage oils.
I LOVE these three incredible -almost edible- Aphrodisiac scents. Chocolate Mint, Aphrodite’s Garden, Venus Spice. Standing in Eros & Isis Slipper, or all three hanging on their spiral stand. 
These are hand made, natural massage oils created here in Vancouver by Merideth Burney, Clinical Herbalist, Dula and wonderful friend of mine.
These oils, the recycled glass amphora bottles and their stands are available ONLY from Eros & Isis, And will NOT be on the distribution/production list. So they are a limited and exclusive item.
Anyone interested should email us to the store account.

Eros & Isis Exclusive Amphora display massage oils.

I LOVE these three incredible -almost edible- Aphrodisiac scents. Chocolate Mint, Aphrodite’s Garden, Venus Spice. Standing in Eros & Isis Slipper, or all three hanging on their spiral stand. 

These are hand made, natural massage oils created here in Vancouver by Merideth Burney, Clinical Herbalist, Dula and wonderful friend of mine.

These oils, the recycled glass amphora bottles and their stands are available ONLY from Eros & Isis, And will NOT be on the distribution/production list. So they are a limited and exclusive item.

Anyone interested should email us to the store account.



Passion & Inspiration

It really is the simple things that give me the most pleasure. Spent the evening at the Symphony Opera house tonight with my 88 year old Grandmother, my hero, best friend and Fan of the Company. I was in inspiration heaven. The poetry of simple notes from individual voices & instruments fused into a single fluid solidarity. Sensational sounds. Like a flock of birds diving and spinning in unison. My ears absorbed the passion of the performers, my heart filled with their sadness, joy, elation, rapture and tranquility. As I pondered the sonic paintings in my mind, My eyes took in the glory of the guild that surrounded me. It’s the simple things I love. Passion for the arts and strong independent women … true inspiration. 



Some of the Soft natural mineral pigment Victoria Line Favorites

A quick demo to show how soft these toys really are, here is a hand-made video from the office. Some have had a hard time believing they are soft…Which is good, as they are meant to look like antiques. Grandma is supposed leave it sitting on the coffee table where you left it last night by accident.

Follow the White Rabbit. 

Follow the White Rabbit. 



It’s hunting season !

Spring is here, It’s time to hit the pavement.

But where in the world do we go from here? This Spring it’s all about Marketing, Advertising and putting on the bells and whistles.

So this morning consisted of meeting with Larisa, our new Sales executive, which meant sitting around the BS table and chatting about our near future plans for conquering the world. ie: Sitting in the sun, drinking chai tea and eating chocolate croissants, mulling over lists of names and contacts we have compiled over the year. -it was rough…the chocolate was gooey.mmmm…chocolate…

Anyway, we did do some work and we actually made quite a list for warm, hot and cold calling this week. The rest of the day was planning where to spend the last of my dwindling investment cash. Have to pick and choose the battles this year. The question is, do I spend my cash on international advertising right away? or spend nothing and sell locally this season…Or both.

We already have product out in New-York, Rode Island and now Amsterdam…so really I could tick off international for now…for…now…

Sales from retailers start in April, have to be ready for that, and …I believe I am… But there is so much more I want to do. But-Must keep the reigns on the designer side of me because she is expensive.

We do need to focus on becoming more visible. OUT of the safe little closet, and into the world, dancing infront of the stores…so here we go.

Anyone out there who would love to see Eros&Isis in some shops in their area should send us a link, an address and/or a name of a shop they think might fit our style.

We have a good idea of who to approach from this end of the country, and a little bit of smart-lady run places in the US…but what of else-where…What are your thoughts?

We are romancing shops that are higher end than the xxx shops in the dark corners of easy-street and we would love to come play with some progressive lingerie stores.

Larisa and I are headin’ out to make the connections.

Puttin’ on our walking shoes, trench coats and brief cases and knockin’ on doors.


-Sorry couldn’t help it.



Playing with Graphics is fun. Thinking of printing these ads in to some mags.

The AVN and national trade show debate

Today I am feeling guilty for not pushing our little company into the fray of the AVN or the other super huge sex toy extravaganza trade shows. I have invested so much into the beginnings of Eros&Isis and it’s hard to know where to spend the rest of the cash.

Which is a sure-fire way to approach the market?

I’m told the trade-shows are the way to go, but I’m getting cold feet on that one.

The more I get out there, the scared-er I get of humans in general.

The first year I took the company out of it’s little closet to test the market, was to a Public Event, the Naughty-but nice show in Vancouver BC. I was sharing a booth with some good friends and corporate allies, The Lace Embrace Atelier. The atmosphere in our booth was fun and playful. Women trying on corsets, posing in the mirror, laughing with friends.

The atmosphere of the show itself though, was that of a fratt party-gone cookoo. People running around with blow-up dolls, endless free RedBull keeping the party hoppin’ to the cacophony of seventeen big-box speakers, mixed in with random announcements of the best fake orgasm contest. It was Like every teen drunk movie you’ve seen on steroids all wrapped up into one 3-D smellovision experience…Except most everyone in the place was over 30.

It would have been a great place to party and get really-fall down drunk, but being a little shy gall like myself, It was crazy and surreal like Alice who fell in the rabbit hole. Mad Hatters with painted faces and neon painted nipples, O.D.-ing on hormones.

I was there with my little table of fineries in gold and silver, dressed in my kitten healed shoes and little feathered hat (and a corset-of course). But it was hard to get attention under the Yellow hand written sign from my immediate neighbor that read “Does your pussy have a mustache???” -I’m not sure what she was selling.

All-in all it was an eye opening -leg crossing- experience.

Kazia, our GM and I took the company to the ILM trade show in Las Vegas last year and it was …o…k.. I guess. It was the industry trade show designed for wholesalers to come and sample wares for distribution. -A bit more sobber than the NBN in Van. A good place to make connections and make relationships, which we did. But, We were bored silly most of the time because there weren’t that many attendees being that it was September, which is late in the buying season.

We were well received and made lots of good friends, even Hilda Brownlee from We-vibe watched our booth for us so we could tour the other booths. But It was tough to get noticed there too being that our booth neighbor was -seriously- Dr. Frankenstien in his doctor’s coat selling cheep “bood-jobs”, Bruisy photos and all. That and we were in the far corner of the second room, pretty-much alone with the good ol’ Doctor. It’s amazing that we made sales at all, but we did…not enough to cover the trip, but enough to call ourselves “launched”.

We were told by the management (Who were lovely and attentive BTW) that it’s the April show we should be attending…and here we are, it’s March and I haven’t made a move.

-But then there is the AVN and many other trade shows in LA and New York, Vegas. which to choose, and how can one (as newbe as us) do it all?

Some of these shows get really huge. It’s no wonder the ones doing every show sparkle and shine, spin and rotate and have scantily dressed busty chicks offering demos. They have to to compete in the choas of it all…But what are we humans thinking???

Here’s what I mean, this is a small sample of what REALLY scares me and who we are very -NOT- :

-All the power to them, but yikes! …I think I’ll stay home this year.



iesza's Designs can be found at:

Eros & Isis’ initial website

My BS Office…Love coming to work!

This is where I get to spend most of my time these days.

Sitting at my Over-the top BS design desk while my three puppies lounge in the sunlight.

I have some new pieces coming around the corner and it is taking everything I have right now not to post all the pictures of their development….But I can’t compromise the copy right. I want to share SOOOO badly….all in due time iesza…all in due time…

So while I avoid sending photos of them I will show you my silly desk, light reasearch reading for the day and my lovely companions as I whittle away on some new prototypes.

I found my desk on Craigslist. I love it so much! It reminds me not to take things to seriously, but bask in all the glory of life at the same time. It has the Initials “BS” scrolled sexily into the top which reminds me that really it is all just that. Isn’t it hilarious! 

Ok. Back to creation.

Eros & Isis, Our Little Company

Eros & Isis, loving inspiration inc is constantly designing new alternatives for conscientious lovers. Eco-responsible sex toys that are SO different, so inspiring. We have also created a loving line of Soy and Bamboo lingerie. We love what we do. (Maybe a little too much)